What Is The Basic Structure Of Sperm Analyzer?

- Dec 29, 2018-

The computer-aided semen analyzer consists of hardware system and software system.

The hardware system is mainly composed of four systems: microscopic camera system, image acquisition system, constant temperature system and computer processing system. In addition, the instrument is usually equipped with a dedicated sample box to ensure single layer sampling.

1. Micro camera system: consists of microscope and CCD. The specimen signal can be transmitted from the CCD to the computer by microscopic amplification

2. Image acquisition system: It consists of image card. Its function is to capture, identify and pre-process the CCD signal and then send the mature signal to the computer.

3. Constant temperature system: consists of heating and insulation equipment. Heating is to continuously put a suitable temperature hot air into the closed heat preservation cover through a hot hair dryer to provide a stable and reliable inspection environment.

4. Computer system: A device that performs a comprehensive system processing of image signals and outputs and stores the obtained data.

The software system uses special sperm quality analysis software, modern computer recognition technology and image processing technology to comprehensively quantify the dynamic and static characteristics of sperm, detect and analyze the characteristics of sperm density, vitality, viability rate, and trajectory.