What Are The Classifications Of Ventilators?

- Feb 17, 2019-

I. Classified by type of use or application
(1) Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV)
(2) Auxiliary mechanical ventilation (AMV)
II. Classification by mechanical ventilation
(1) Intrathoracic or airway pressure type
(2) chest type
Ⅲ. Sort by suction and expiration
(1) Constant pressure type
(2) Constant volume type
(3) Timing type
(4) Mixed type (multi-function type).
IV. Supply air according to ventilation frequency
(1) High frequency ventilation: ventilation frequency > 60 beats / min.
(2) Constant frequency ventilation: ventilation frequency <60 times/min.
V. According to whether there is synchronization device or performance classification
(1) Synchronous ventilator: The inhalation of the patient's spontaneous breathing can trigger the ventilator to supply air to the patient's respiratory tract and generate an inhalation action.
(2) Non-synchronous ventilator: The patient's breathing or inspiratory negative pressure cannot trigger the ventilator supply, and is generally only used for patients with controlled mechanical ventilation.
VI. Classified by applicable object
(1) Baby ventilator
(2) Children's ventilator
(3) Adult ventilator
VII. Classified by working principle
(1) Simple ventilator
(2) membrane lung