Three Major Misunderstandings About Medical Devices

- Nov 07, 2018-

Three major misunderstandings about medical devices

Myth 1: Medical equipment is far away from myself

Medical devices are high-risk, only in hospitals, and only medical staff can use them. This is a misunderstanding. 

In fact, depending on the level of risk, the state divides medical devices into three categories. The risk of the first type of medical devices is relatively low. Ordinary people can ensure the basic safety of use by consulting the instructions and learning by themselves. Most of these products can be used Household; the second type of medical equipment is moderately risky, some products can be used for household use; the third type of medical equipment is at higher risk, only a small part can be used at home, but should be strictly in accordance with the scope of application of the product registration certificate and the requirements of the manual.

Myth 2: Health care equipment is also medical device

It is wrong to treat non-medical devices as medical devices, such as fitness, "increased", "slimming" and some health care products as medical devices. Each medical device has its corresponding medical device registration number. The first type of medical device is filed by the municipal food and drug administration, the second type of medical device is registered by the provincial food and drug administration, and third types of equipment and imports device is registered or filed by the General Administration. There is no medical device registration number for non-medical device. From this point, it can be clearly distinguished.

Myth 3: Using medical devices is more conducive to health

Many people have the misconception that using medical devices is more beneficial to health than non-medical devices. In fact, the two are not comparable. Non-medical devices are widely used, and their main function is not for medical purposes, but for the respective efficacy of the products. Medical devices are special products. Their production and sales need to be strictly examined and managed. They have certain functions and users. Not everyone can use medical devices.

Reprint: medworld Medical World