The Role And Significance Of The Patient Monitor

- Jun 21, 2018-

First, the role and significance of the Patient monitor

1. The Patient monitor is one of the most popular medical instruments in clinical application and it is an essential equipment for emergency room, operating room and ICU.

2. In addition to measuring and Patient monitoring the patient's physiological parameters, the Patient monitor can also Patient monitor and handle the patient's medication and conditions before and after surgery;

3. Use of the Patient monitor to provide the basis for doctors to correctly diagnose and formulate medical plans, greatly reducing the mortality rate of critically ill patients

Second, the classification of medical Patient monitoring equipment

1. Classified by detection parameters: single-parameter Patient monitor and multi-parameter Patient monitor

2. According to the scope of use: bedside Patient monitor, central Patient monitor, Patient monitor

3. According to the instrument construction function classification: integrated Patient monitor and plug-in Patient monitor

Third, the measurement principle of commonly used Patient monitoring parameters


ECG amplitude range: 0.01-5mV;

ECG signal frequency range: 0.05-100Hz, 90% of the ECG frequency energy is concentrated between 0.25Hz-40Hz;