The Classification Of Medical Endoscopes

- Oct 29, 2018-

The Classification of medical endoscopes

Classification of medical endoscopes according to their development and imaging structure can be broadly divided into three categories: hard tube endoscope, optical fiber (hose) endoscope and electronic endoscope

There are many different types of medical examination endoscopes, and the classification methods are different. Generally speaking, the following three classification methods are generally used. In terms of market sales, the most widely used categories are classified into hard mirrors and elastic soft mirrors depending on whether they can change direction clinically.

According to the function of the endoscope

Divided into single-function mirror and multi-function mirror. Single-function mirror refers to the observation mirror without working channel but only the optical system; multi-function mirror means that besides the function of observation mirror, it also has at least one work Channel in the same mirror body, and has many functions such as illumination, surgery, irrigation and attraction.

According to the location of the endoscope

Classified according to the location of the endoscope: ENT, oral endoscopic, dental endoscopy, neurosurgery, urethroscopic cystoscopy, resectoscope, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, sinus surgery, laryngoscope and so on.

According to whether the mirror body can change direction

Clinical classification is according to whether the endoscope body can change direction: rigid mirror and flexible soft mirror. Rigid mirror (RIGID ENDOSCOPE) is a prism optical system. The greatest advantage is that the imaging is clear, and it can be equipped with multiple working channels to select multiple viewing angles. Flexible soft mirror (FLEXIBLE ENDOSCOPE) is an optical fiber optic system. The biggest feature of this fiber opic endoscope is that the lens part can be manipulated to change direction and expand the range of applications, but the imaging effect is not as good as that of the hard mirror.