Patient Monitor Care Precautions

- Jun 21, 2018-

1 The use environment of the multifunctional ECG Patient monitor. Patient monitor operating environment temperature should be 20 °C ~ 35 °C, humidity should be 50% ~ 80%, the power should be a single-phase 220V three-wire, with a separate ground wire, can effectively prevent interference and ensure electrical safety, which is the electrical equipment environment The basic general requirements.

2 multi-function ECG Patient monitor battery maintenance. Through the author's clinical observation, many times when the clinical application of the Patient monitor is often either continuously in the working state, or idle, few people think about to be used for rotation. If the machine is working for a long time or not used for a long time, it will cause damage to the battery inside the machine. Therefore, we suggest that under the possible conditions, the continuous working time of the machine should not exceed 30 days, and the machine should be charged once a month when it is not used.

3 multifunctional ECG Patient monitor placement. The multifunctional ECG Patient monitor needs to be placed in a stable and safe place on the surface when it is in use, which can effectively prevent man-made collision from falling off. In addition, a certain space needs to be reserved around the machine, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the machine. If the Patient monitor suffers from poor heat dissipation, it can easily cause damage to the internal components of the Patient monitor or the occurrence of Patient monitor program disruption or crashes.

4 multifunctional ECG Patient monitor health. The daily cleaning and maintenance of the multifunctional ECG Patient monitor is very important. Generally, the surface and ECG lead wires are wiped with a gauze stained with a disinfectant solution, and soaking and disinfecting should be minimized. This is mainly to prevent the lead wire Corrosion causes skin cracking; Blood oxygen sensor can not be autoclaved, can not be soaked in disinfectant, you can use alcohol cotton ball or soft cloth to wipe its appearance, luminous tube and receiving device; light and light on the sensor and lead wire The protection sensor and lead wires are not damaged by sharp objects. When not in use, cover the surface of the machine with a clean soft cloth to prevent dust from entering.

5 Multi-function ECG Patient monitor can't pull the twisting wire when it is used or not in use, and the lead wire needs to be taken in a circle when it is not in use. After the use, the wire cannot be inserted wildly and the positioning groove needs to be carefully aligned. This is mainly to prevent the pin in the lead wire plug from being broken or deformed and damaged.