Definition And Classification Of Suction Unit

- Dec 12, 2018-

The suction unit is used to absorb bleeding, exudate, and pus during surgery. The principle is to make the negative pressure state of the suction tip by a certain method, so that the atmosphere will squeeze the material outside the suction tip to the suction tip, thereby completing the "attraction" effect. According to the different power sources, it can be generally divided into: independent electric suction unit and centralized control suction unit.

The electric suction unit has the characteristics of large power, strong suction, wide application range and good mobility because it uses electric energy as the power source.

There are three types of electric suction units according to their use: ordinary electric suction unit, artificial abortion electric suction unit, and gastric lavage electric suction unit.

1. Ordinary electric suction unit is specially used for blood suction, water, pus, sputum and other treatment.

2. The electric suction unit for induced abortion is specialized in artificial abortion (i.e. suction palace). Compared with other types of electric suction unit, this type of suction unit has two differences: one is that there are two 5000mL gas cylinders, and two 500mL liquid storage bottles: the other is that it has a negative pressure automatic control part for maintain the set negative pressure range.

3.The gastric lavage type electric suction unit is specially used for gastric lavage. It has both positive pressure indicator and negative pressure indicator. The special knob switch is used to control the switching between positive pressure and negative pressure. In addition, it has a regulating valve that controls positive and negative pressure.

The centralized control suction unit is to use the interface of the unified center negative pressure on the equipment, operating room, and ward equipment to provide the negative pressure required by the suction device. The suction tip is connected by a wall flow meter to control the magnitude of the negative pressure and to avoid inhaling dirt into the negative pressure pipeline. The center uniformly controls the negative pressure, which facilitates unified management and reduces costs. The central negative pressure needs to be piped during construction and renovation, so mobility is not as good as electric suction.