Applicable Scope And Basic Principle Of Infant Incubator

- Dec 03, 2018-


The unique double-layer thermostat mechanism with automatic thermal insulation curtain can effectively avoid the loss of heat in the box when opening the front door for nursing.

The baby bed adopts 0-5 degree stepless adjustable lifting mechanism, which is convenient for infant care and has strong clinical applicability. Ultra-quiet technology is used to open the operation window and change the angle of the bed, so as to avoid affecting the baby's rest or awakening the baby due to the care of the medical staff.

The temperature control adopts the split screen display mode of the set temperature and the measured temperature, and the operation is clear at a glance.

The baby incubator has automatic fault alarm functions of sensor, over-temperature, fan, deviation, power interruption, etc. Among them, the unique sensor placement position is incorrect and the fan low speed automatic alarm function makes the product safety and reliability greatly improve.

Scope of application:

Low birth weight infants, critically ill children, neonatal thermostat culture, neonatal body temperature resuscitation, neonatal infusion/oxygen delivery, rescue of critically ill children, hospitalization observation, etc.