Working principle and Application Scope of water-making equipment for hemodialysis

- Jul 20, 2019-

Based on the reverse osmosis membrane, equipped with the corresponding power source, multi-level filtration, removal of ions and bacteria under suitable reverse osmosis pressure, so that the water quality of the product reaches the standard of hemodialysis water.

The raw water is subjected to suitable pretreatment to remove coarse impurities, residual chlorine and organic matter, hardness, and the dissolved salt ions and low molecular weight organic substances are removed by a reverse osmosis system to produce hemodialysis water for direct use; or after the reverse osmosis system, the post-treatment is selected. The physical and chemical or physicochemical methods and endotoxin filtration methods can kill the microbial and bacterial endotoxin that may be produced by the storage of pure water, so that the terminal water meets the standard of hemodialysis water. Regular cleaning is used to remove scale and blockages generated during operation; one or more combinations of physical disinfection, chemical disinfection, thermal disinfection, and ozone disinfection are selected to remove microorganisms that may be generated during operation of the equipment. The control system ensures that the equipment operates as designed.

Scope of application:

Suitable for medical institutions to prepare multi-bed hemodialysis and related treatment water. The water involved includes powder preparation concentrate, dialysate preparation, and dialyzer reuse water.