Why does led Operation lamp so popular?

- Jun 21, 2018-

Led Operation lamp is a basic medical device that is indispensable in the operating rooms of various hospitals today. It generally has different types. The lights in the operating room often require that the lights they use must be completely bright, so that doctors and operators will not be affected by the light cast shadows during the operation. Operation lamps can be positioned in different places. Their advantages are light weight, they can easily be moved quickly, and they will not produce any heat.

Therefore, the LED surgical shadowless lamp is a device that is currently available in various types of operating rooms. This requires that they have corresponding high performance and flexibility, so that they can be used whether it is difficult to rotate or move.

LED surgical shadowless lamp consists of a plurality of lights, fixed on the balance arm suspension system, stable positioning, can do vertical or circular movement, to meet the needs of different heights and angles in surgery. The entire shadowless lamp consists of a parent lamp and a child lamp.

The parent lamp and the child lamp each include eight modules: the parent lamp includes ten lamp beads per module, seven of which are warm white, represented by yellow, three are cool white, and are represented by gray, and seven warm white are connected in series. Group, three cool white series in series, known as high-brightness LED string HBLED sub lamp Each module includes six lamp beads, of which four are warm white, yellow, two cold white, four warm The white strings are grouped in groups and two cold whites are grouped in series.

Operation lamps Due to their powerful performance and excellent energy efficiency, it is becoming more common to use LEDs to illuminate harsh environments.

Economic and ecological advantages: low heat, low consumption of electrodes, almost unlimited life.

Accurate: Uniform, evenly illuminated surfaces and deep cavity programs. Simple: Ergonomic, the concept of aseptic operation allows simple and flexible control of all functions through the surgical team.

Durable: Almost infinite LED life brings tremendous product reliability and investment protection.

Efficient: Environmentally active: Low-power, durable LEDs minimize the impact of our precious resources.