What is the difference between a medical oxygen generator and a home oxygen generator

- Jun 05, 2019-

1. The oxygen production concentration is different. The oxygen production concentration of household oxygen generators is generally only required to reach 30%, as long as it is higher than the oxygen concentration of 21% in normal life; the medical oxygen generator must meet the national standard, and only the oxygen concentration reaches more than 90% is called a medical oxygen generator.

2. Applicable people are different. Household oxygen generators can only be used for family as aerobic health care products, mainly for healthy elderly, children and pregnant women. Medical oxygen generators are large-scale oxygen-making equipment suitable for hospitals centralized oxygen supply, suitable for first aid, operating room and oxygen room.

3. different ways of use, household oxygen generators do not change much in the air components of the air; medical oxygen generators because of the relatively large collection, so you need to put a humidification bottle in the oxygen outlet, so that into the patient's mouth Oxygen is more moisturized.

In general, the main function of the medical oxygen generator is to assist the medical treatment, so the oxygen concentration must reach 90%, but the household oxygen generator does not have to, because it has no auxiliary medical effect, just as an ordinary physical therapy product, to the the pregnant woman or the nervous person in the college entrance examination performs oxygen therapy, appropriately supplements the body's oxygen content, and finally achieves the function of regulating body function.