What is the Definition of orthopedic traction bed

- Jul 04, 2019-

Lumbar traction bed is used to treat diseases such as lumbar vertebrae. The lumbar traction bed is a novel device that uses mechanical transmission to perform traction. Applying the combination of human physiology and mechanical physics and mechanics, it is widely used in various lumbar disc herniation, low back pain, radioactive leg and numbness, weak walking and leg muscle atrophy, and traumatic cervical spine fracture, dislocation, dislocation and other symptoms. It can also be applied to cervical vertebrae, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, abnormal blood pressure and other clinical symptoms. In the long process of human evolution, the human spine is parallel to erect, and the lumbar spine takes up more than 60% of the body weight. Due to the long-term stress on the spine when it is erected, it can cause various spinal diseases with age. The world medical experts surveyed the human spine and various physical pain and discomfort, and found that 80% of chronic diseases are caused by spinal lesions. Lumbar traction therapy device can carry out self-exercise mode, he can self-maneuver through the operation of flexible and convenient rocker, do not others’ help, and gradually carry out the stretching and traction of the whole body joint part, thereby correcting the deformed joint, restoring the growth space and promoting the activation of muscle fibroblasts and promoting bone elongation.