What is the definition of infusion pump

- May 10, 2019-

Intravenous infusion is a commonly used mode of administration in clinical treatment. The speed of intravenous infusion varies according to the nature of the drug and the patient's constitution. Infusion too fast and too slow can’t achieve the desired therapeutic effect, and even affect the safety of care. At present, the common infusion set widely used in clinical practice mainly relies on the liquid level difference pressure to input liquid to the receptor, and relies on the naked eye observation by the nursing staff and the hand adjustment wheel clamp to control the infusion speed. Ordinary infusion sets lack the functions of blocking alarm, bubble alarm, liquid delivery alarm, etc., which increase the burden of clinical care; and the liquid bottle is easy to lead into the air polluted liquid outside. The infusion pump is an instrument that can accurately control the number of droplets or infusion flow rate, ensure that drugs can be uniform in speed, accurately and safely enter the patient's body to play a role. It is also an intelligent infusion device, infusion speed is not affected by back pressure of the human body and the operator. The infusion is accurate and reliable, which helps to reduce the intensity of clinical nursing work and improve the accuracy, safety and quality of care.