What is the daily maintenance work of the endoscope

- Jun 28, 2019-

(1) Cleaning of the equipment room and equipment; observe and adjust the temperature and humidity of the equipment room to be stable.

(2) Check whether the machine's machinery, rotation, gas path, water path, screws, nuts and other parts are normal.

(3) Check whether the switch, knob, indicator light, meter and display parameters on the surface of the instrument are normal.

(4) Before the formal work, use the instrument self-test program to check the status of each part of the instrument.

(5) Pay attention to whether the instrument has abnormal smell and sound during the operation, and whether the image quality is normal.

(6) Check whether the operator operates the instrument in compliance with the regulations and correct it in time.

Since medical endoscopes are an invasive detection tool, the use of medical endoscopes has been strictly trained and evaluated.