What are the uses of oxygen generators

- May 22, 2019-

The oxygen generator is suitable for oxygen therapy and health care in medical institutions and homes.

1. Medical function: by supplying oxygen to patients, can be combined with the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory, chronic obstructive pneumonia and other disease, as well as gas poisoning and other severe hypoxic conditions.

2. Health care function: through the oxygen supply to improve the body oxygen supply, to achieve the purpose of oxygen supplement health care. Applicable to middle-aged and elderly people, poor physical fitness, pregnant women, college entrance examination students and other people with different degrees of hypoxia, can also be used to eliminate fatigue and restore physical function after heavy physical or mental exhaustion.

3. Oxygen generators are suitable for small and medium-sized hospitals, clinics, health stations in cities, villages, remote areas, mountainous areas and plateaus. It is also suitable for sanatoriums, home oxygen therapy, sports training centers, high altitude military stations and other oxygen-consuming places.