What are the features of the Endoscope

- Jun 26, 2019-

(1) Reduce the endoscopy time and quickly capture.

(2) It has video recording and storage functions, which can store the image of the lesions for easy viewing and continuous comparative observation;

(3) The color is realistic, the resolution is high, the image is clear, and the image is specially processed to enlarge the image for easy observation;

(4) Adopting the screen display image to realize multi-person simultaneous viewing by one person, which is convenient for disease consultation, diagnosis and teaching;

Medical electronic endoscope clinical application:

In terms of medical treatment, medical endoscopes are mainly used in surgery and routine medical examinations. Compared with traditional surgical procedures, the functional minimally invasive surgery techniques of medical endoscopes have been widely accepted by doctors and patients. The endoscope uses the natural holes of the human body or opens several holes when necessary. The doctor can skillfully insert the endoscope lens into the body, and the internal surgical operation can be performed in vitro through other surgical instruments and camera display systems.

Advantages of medical electronic endoscopes in clinical applications:

(1) The operation is flexible, simple, convenient and more direct;

(2) The patient's discomfort has been minimized, and the new technology reduces the complexity of the surgery and reduces the treatment time.

(3) greatly improved the diagnostic ability and improved work efficiency

(4) Facilitate teaching and clinical case discussions, as well as remote consultation

(5) Facilitate the close cooperation of patients, so that medical staff and patients can better communicate

(6) Provide reliable information for teaching and research