What are the correct ways to use the Operation lamp?

- Jun 21, 2018-

Operation lamp correct use method:

1. First press the button switch according to the needs of the operation, the light intensity is steplessly adjusted by the touch of a button, and the appropriate illumination is achieved. After each operation, press the light touch button to adjust to the darkest for next adjustment.

2. Rotate the handle to adjust the spot size and focus depth to make it reach the best illumination state. The handle sleeve can be removed and sterilized. Just press the button above the handle sleeve to remove it, align the button when installing the handle sleeve, and hear A "click" sounds locked.

3. When the alarm red indicator light is blinking, please change the bulb after the operation is completed. How to replace the bulb? First cut off the power supply. After the lamp cools, unscrew the three bolts on the fixed dimming system component and pull out the entire dimming system component to remove the lamp.

4. Surgical Operation lamp When moving the box to the operating room, it is forbidden to lower the mask of the lamp to avoid crushing the mask.

What is worth paying attention to? Always check whether the fasteners of the Operation lamp are loose and prevent accidents. Do not disassemble the shadowless operation book and control circuit at will, and follow the instruction manual or professional technicians to avoid the operation of the Operation lamp.