What are the classifications of medical X-ray equipment

- May 02, 2019-

X-ray equipment has been developed to date, and the basic performance of different types of X-ray equipment and the compliance criteria for immunity tests are slightly different in EMC test. Therefore, it is necessary to sort the classification of X-ray equipment. According to different classification principles, X-ray equipment has a variety of classification methods.

1. According to different image formats, it can be divided into: fluoroscopy X-ray equipment, photographic X-ray equipment and fluoroscopy/photographic X-ray equipment.

2. Classification according to the application of special purposes: mammography X-ray equipment, dental (oral) X-ray equipment, digital subtraction angiography X-ray equipment, etc.

3. Classification according to imaging methods: traditional X-ray photography (including the use of image intensifier, X-ray television or film equipment), computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR).

4. Classification according to structural form: fixed, mobile, portable.

5. Classified according to output power: small, medium and large.