What are the applications of X-ray machine medicine

- Apr 26, 2019-

(1) X-ray diagnosis

X-rays are used in medical diagnosis mainly based on X-ray penetration, differential absorption, photosensitivity and fluorescence. Since X-rays are absorbed by different degrees when they pass through the human body, for example, the amount of X-rays absorbed by the bones is more than that absorbed by muscles, the amount of X-rays passing through the human body is different, so that the information of density distribution of various parts of the human body be carried. the intensity of fluorescence or photosensitivity caused on the screen or on the photographic film is quite different, so that shadows of different densities will be displayed on the screen or on the photographic film (developed, fixed). According to the comparison of shadows, combined with clinical manifestations, laboratory results and pathological diagnosis, it can be judged whether a certain part of the human body is normal. Thus, X-ray diagnostic technology became the world's first non-scratch visceral inspection technique.

(2) X-ray therapy

X-rays are applied to the treatment, mainly depends on its biological effects. When X-rays of different energies are applied to irradiate the cells of the human lesions, the irradiated tissue can be destroyed or inhibited, thereby achieving the treatment of certain diseases, especially It is the therapeutic purpose of the tumor.

(3) X-ray protection

At the same time of using X-rays, people have discovered problems that cause hair loss, skin burns, visual impairment of workers, leukemia and other radiation injuries. In order to prevent X-ray damage to the human body, corresponding protective measures must be taken. The above constitutes the three major aspects of X-ray application in medicine - diagnosis, treatment and protection.