Usage of Multi-lead ECG machine

- May 09, 2019-

1. For routine electrocardiogram examination, the subject should untie the coat, take the supine position, and relax the limb when describing the electrocardiogram.

2. If there is dirt or excessive hair on the skin where the electrode is placed, it should be cleaned or shaved first.

3. The skin at the electrode should be rubbed with conductive paste. Try to avoid using cotton swab with saline or alcohol or even tap water instead of conductive paste. Because this method treats the skin, the skin and electrode contact impedance is large, and the polarization potential is also unstable, which is likely to cause baseline drift or other artifacts.

4. Accurately place the 12-lead ECG electrode in strict accordance with the standard.

5. When tracing the V7, V8, and V9 lead ECGs, it is recommended to take the supine position instead of lateral position.

6. Do not place the electrodes of the left and right lower limbs on one side of the lower limbs. Because the general electrocardiograph is equipped with a right lower limb anti-drive circuit, it can effectively suppress AC interference.