The working principle and clinical application of medical X-ray equipment

- May 03, 2019-

1. Diagnosis According to the different degree of absorption of X-rays by different tissues and organs of the human body, when a beam of X-rays with uniform intensity passes through, the internal structure information will show corresponding images according to the transmission level, which is conducive to timely disease and early treatment. This is the most widely used field of X-ray in medicine, mainly including photography and fluoroscopy

 photography: Although it has the advantages of good contrast and sharpness, and can be permanently stored, it can only display the image of one part at a time, and the activity state of the organ cannot be observed.

 In perspective, fluoroscopy is relatively broad in scope, and it can be observed from different angles by moving the patient, but it cannot record the image of the lesion, which is not conducive to the review and comparison of the lesion. And its radiation dose is large, which is more likely to cause damage to the human body.

2. Therapy is irradiate cancer cells by means of devices capable of producing high doses X-rays, resulting in changes in the structure and cell activity of cancer cells, in order to kill cancer cells and inhibit their growth and spread, providing the possibility to use radiation therapy treat cancer.