The principle of high frequency electrosurgical unit (Popular science)

- Dec 21, 2018-

By sending out specific frequency waveform and high-frequency current of specific load power curve, the corresponding surgical tool acts on the human tissue, and the concentrated heating can volatilize and burst the tissue components to produce cutting cauterization and hemostasis effect, so as to achieve the surgical purpose.

The electrosurgical unit uses high-frequency current to achieve the effect of tissue incision and hemostasis. Its basic role in surgery is as follows:

1. Drying, low power condensation does not require electro-optic.

2.Cutting, releasing electro-optic has a cutting effect on the tissue.

3.Coagulation, electro-optic will not cut the tissue, but can be used to stop bleeding and burn tissue.

4.Mixed cutting, at FGRRAWthe same time the role of cutting and hemostasis.

The regulation of the power level in the use of the electric knife is crucial. The principle of power setting is:

1 low electrical energy, electrocoagulation for tissue hemorrhage, separation of adhesions, pediatric surgery.

2 medium electric energy, used for hemostasis of large hemorrhage, and the cutting of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity is free.

3 high electrical energy, liver tissue cutting, cancer cell removal.