The basic structure of water-making equipment for hemodialysis

- Jul 19, 2019-

The whole set of equipment generally consists of pretreatment system, reverse osmosis system, post-treatment system, disinfection system, control system, and connecting line between the various components.

Pretreatment system

The necessary part of the whole set of equipment shall be determined according to the raw water quality. When municipal drinking water is used as raw water, the multi-bed water equipment pretreatment system includes multi-media filter (tank filter), water softener, activated carbon filter (carbon adsorption tank), and security filter. When both water softener and activated carbon filter are provided, their mutual positions can be exchanged. The single bed water equipment pretreatment system includes particulate filter, activated carbon filter, and water softener, and generally adopts disposable filter type product.

Reverse osmosis system

The core part of the water plant is reverse osmosis / desalination device. According to the needs of the water production process, second-stage reverse osmosis device may be selected after the first-stage reverse osmosis, or deionization device may be selected; according to the need of cleaning and disinfecting the reverse osmosis membrane, disinfectant injection device may be selected.

Post processing system

The settings can be selected according to the water supply process requirements. It consists of pure water tank, transfer pump, ultraviolet disinfection device and endotoxin filter.

Disinfection system

The configuration part can be selected, and the chemical disinfection and ozone disinfection methods can be selected according to the disinfection process requirements of the equipment, or the physical disinfection method (ultraviolet sterilization or heat disinfection) can be directly selected, and different disinfection methods can be used in combination.

Operation control system

Configure electronic components according to equipment control requirements. Connecting pipes and conveying pipes, including water pipes, fittings and valves.