Technical parameters of automatic urine analyzer

- Dec 16, 2018-

Technical parameters of automatic urine analyzer 

The automatic urine analyzer adopts the classic multi-wavelength reflection detection principle, which is stable and efficient, and can perform 10 or 11 or 12 tests of urine.

Technical Parameters

1. Fully automatic urine chemistry and physical property analysis: including GLU, PRO, BLD, BIL, pH, URO, KET, NIT, LEU, SG, VC and color, turbidity and abnormal color ;

2. Automatic sample technology, automatic mixing before loading, Individual dot addition for each reaction block of test strip, to prevent cross-contamination between projects;

3. Using high-precision sampler, according to the amount of reagent contained in each reaction block, accurately add samples to ensure thorough reaction and improve the accuracy of test results;

4. Built-in test strip automatic paper feeder;

5. Built-in thermal printer, built-in barcode scanning device (optional) automatically recognizes sample position and specimen information;

6. Have a special location for emergency insertion;

7. With calibration and quality control functions;

8. With network communication function, can be connected with LIS and HIS system;

9. Mass storage space;

10. The automatic sample introduction device is compatible with the automatic assembly line injection, and can be connected with the automatic urine sediment analyzer into a pipeline system;