Structure of dialyzer

- Jul 05, 2019-

The dialyzer is composed of hollow fibers, outer casing, sealing layer and end cap. The elongated hollow fiber made of the dialysis membrane is combined into a bundle, placed in a transparent cylindrical outer casing, sealed on both sides with non-toxic medical polyurethane adhesive and fixed to the outer casing, and the hollow fiber is opened outside the sealing layer, the outer end Then, the dome is closed and closed to form a blood chamber, and the top of the lid is opened for connecting the blood tube. The space formed by the dialyzer casing and the sealing layers on both sides is divided into a blood chamber and a dialysate chamber by the dialysis membrane, and each of the chambers has an inlet and an outlet. In use, the blood chamber outlet and the inlet are respectively connected to the veins and arterial tubes of the blood passage, and the flow of the dialysate in and out is opposite to the blood flow.