Standard requirement for Hemodialysis water

- Jun 01, 2019-

For the requirements of dialysis water treatment, we can analyze from three aspects of physical quality, chemical quality and biological quality.

1 Physical quality

Including the system's water output and the stability of its operation. Sufficient water output is mainly used to ensure sufficient water pressure to supply the ideal number of beds while hemodialysis treatment and to ensure its stability.

2 Chemical quality

Including the two aspects of the treatment of water conductivity and ion clearance. The conductivity of the treated water should not exceed 38 μS (25 ppm).

3 Biological quality

It includes two aspects. First is to treat the total number of bacteria in the water, and the requirement should not exceed 100 CFU/mL. Second, the bacterial endotoxin at the output of the water treatment device should not exceed 1 EU/mL; the bacterial endotoxin at the delivery point at the inlet of the hemodialysis device should not exceed 5 EU/mL.