Shadowless operation lamp common fault

- Feb 22, 2019-

Shadowless operation lamp common fault

1. The light is not lit

Open the top cover and check if the fuse is blown and the power supply voltage is normal.

2. Transformer damage

Generally, there are two reasons for transformer damage, power supply voltage problems and short circuits caused by excessive currents, that cause damage to the transformer.

3. The fuse is often damaged

Check if the used lamp is configured according to the rated power specified in the manual. If the lamp with excessive power is configured, the fuse will be damaged due to the capacity exceeding the rated current of the fuse. Check if the power supply voltage is normal.

4. Disinfection handle deformation

The shadowless lamp disinfection handle can be autoclaved (please refer to the instruction manual for details. However, the handle cannot be pressed against heavy objects during disinfection, otherwise the handle will be deformed.

5. The shadowless lamp turns the angle and the light does not light up.

This is mainly because the sensors at both ends of the shadowless lamp boom can cause poor contact after a period of use.

6. Shadowless shift

In large surgical shadowless lamp, after a period of use, because the inner lamp head component is heavier, it requires a large frictional force to locate, and it will move. It can be solved by tightening the upper positioning screw to increase the friction.

7. Dimmer the brightness of hole lamp

The reflective glass bowl of cold-light hole type shadowless lamp adopts coating technology. Generally, domestic coating technology can only guarantee two years service life. After two years, the coating layer will have problems, such as darkening and foaming. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to exchange the reflective bowl.