Seven technical advantages of Operation lamp

- Jun 21, 2018-

Operation lamp technology advantages

First, surgery shadowless lamp has no shadow effect

As a Operation lamp, it must have good shadowless effect. Shadowlessness is an important feature and performance indicator of Operation lamps. Any shadow formed in the operative field will prevent the surgeon from observing, judging, and surgery. In addition to providing sufficient illumination, the ideal Operation lamp must have a high degree of omission to ensure a certain degree of luminosity on the surface of the surgical field and deep tissue.

Second, high illumination

As the Operation lamping, most countries believe that the illumination is 60,000 to 100,000 lux, which is equivalent to the outdoor illumination when the sun is shining in the summer at noon. Excessive brightness can affect the eyesight. While providing sufficient illumination, the beam should be protected from glare on surgical instruments. Glare affects vision and vision, making it easy to make the eyes tired, which is not conducive to the smooth operation of the surgery. The illumination of the Operation lamp and the overall illumination of the hand room should have a certain ratio. The illumination of the two should not differ from the wife. The United States stipulates that the illumination in the operating room is greater than 1000 lux. Japan stipulates that the illumination of the whole illumination is 1:10 of the illumination of the local illumination, that is, the overall illumination of the operating room should be more than 1000 lux.

Third, heat less temperature rise

As the illuminance increases, the lamp body and beam temperature will increase. The hot beam of the Operation lamp directs the surgeon's head and the surgical site tissue, which affects the efficiency of the surgery and the quality of the operation. To this end, all countries in the world have attached great importance to this issue and have continued to develop new types of Operation lamps that aim to reduce the temperature rise of the lamps. Recently, France has newly developed a cold lamp projection lamp for operating rooms. The lamp includes an optical system and some cold lamp mirrors. When using this kind of lamp, compared to all previous Operation lamping equipment. Produce stronger lamp, but produce less heat. Due to the characteristics of the cold lamp mirror, only visible lamp strikes the lamping area, and the output of the lamp is an absolute cold output. Illumination up to 135,000 lux, through the focus to change the size and location of the lamping area. In recent years, chemical drugs have been used domestically and alternately plated on the reflector to cool and collect lamp. In front of the bulb is fitted with a heat wave reflective coating plated device. The visible lamp generated by the lamp source is transmitted through a mirror that can filter out 70% of infrared rays, and most of the remaining infrared rays are isolated and filtered by the glass cover. After the above process, the lamp is called cold lamp. This cold-lamp Operation lamp not only has a low heat but also has a high illumination, so it is an ideal Operation lamping device.

Fourth, the lamp color effect is good

Operation lamping has a good color rendering effect, which means that the provided lamp beam can truly reflect the color and the changes of blood and tissue. Objects of the same color appear different colors when illuminated by lamp sources with different spectral power distributions. The ability of a lamp source to manifest the color of the illuminated object is called the color rendering of the lamp source. The lamp required for surgery can not only see the color of the blood, but also must be able to clearly discriminate changes in blood color and tissue changes. The color of the object depends on the color rendering of the lamp source. Internationally, the color index of the reference lamp source is 100. The color rendering index is high and the color distortion is small, that is, the color rendering of the lamp source is good; and the lower the color rendering index is, the more serious the distortion is, that is, the color rendering of the lamp source is not good.

Fifth, easy to operate

During the operation, the position and direction of the shadowless lamp are often changed according to the operation needs. The operation must be simple, flexible, lamp, and fast and effective. The device for adjusting the focus and illumination should be set.

Six, have good emergency performance

As an ideal shadowless Operation lamp, there should be AC-DC composite power supply and power automatic switching device. Can cope with sudden power outages and always ensure the smooth operation of the surgery.

VII. Economic security is better

The economy mainly refers to lamp sources with high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, and long life. The structure of the Operation lamps has become very large and complex. It is very important to consider its safety. This mainly refers to the electrical safety performance.