Routine maintenance of electric operating tables

- Jul 31, 2019-

If the electric operating bed suddenly breaks down during use, it will not only affect the smooth operation, but also cause damage to the patient's nerves, limbs or organs.

If the failure cannot be eliminated in a short period of time and there is no replacement for the electric operating bed, the hospital will face large clinical risk and may cause more serious social and economic losses.

Daily maintenance of the electric operating bed and timely maintenance when the fault occurs can effectively increase the utilization rate of the electric operating bed and effectively extend its service life, and plays an important role in the use of the electric operating bed.

Check if there is any abnormality in each plug and power cord and power switch indicator.

Check whether the bed surface fastening screws are locked or not, and observe whether the back plate, the bed plate and the bedside fastening bolts are damaged.

Because the hydraulic operating bed applies hydraulic pressure, the fuel tank should be inspected, the bed surface should be minimized, and the remaining amount of hydraulic oil in the fuel tank should be observed to observe whether the oil is emulsified or not. If any situation occurs, the oil should be replaced immediately.

The hygiene of the operating table should be kept clean for a long time. After the operation is finished, the power supply must be cut off, the outside should be cleaned, the dirt and blood stains left by the surgery should be removed, and the disinfectant water should be sprayed. It is strictly forbidden to wash with water.