Relative taboos and precautions in using high frequency electric unit (popular science)

- Dec 22, 2018-

1. Cosmetic plastic surgery is cautious about the use of electrosurgical scissors. The incision of the skin is the restricted area of electrosurgical unit (but MOHA electrocoagulation knife can be used in cosmetic surgery). Other special surgery, such as intestinal obstruction surgery. Due to the presence of flammable gases produced by bacteria in the intestines, the use of an electric knife to cut the intestines for decompression may result in an explosion causing serious consequences.

2. Since the working point of the electric knife is the place where the contact resistance is the largest, the ground wire connecting the skin should avoid bad contact, reliably contacted and contact area should be as large as possible to avoid burns! (This can be avoided by using MOHA coagulation knife)

3, when taking the internal fixation, the electric knife should not touch the internal fixation, especially the internal fixation of the spine, because the charged electric knife may damage the dural sac, nerve root or spinal cord, resulting in severe spinal cord injury can cause paraplegia.

4. If the deep tissue is used with electric knife, try to use a long handle and only expose the tip of the knife to prevent the exposed metal knife head from damaging adjacent structures such as blood vessels and nerves.

5, be careful not to let the electric knife injure the epidermis by mistake, the subcutaneous tissue should try not to cut with the electric knife, use the scalpel to cut the subcutaneous, and then use electrocoagulation point scalding to hemostasis. In some areas with little bleeding, it is not cut with electric knife (too slow). For example, in joint replacement surgery, a scalpel can be used to cut the joint capsule.

6, generally release the tourniquet, electrocoagulation to stop bleeding, then rinse, dry, and then stop bleeding, observe inactive bleeding points can be safe. Drainage is important, and patient and meticulous hemostasis is more important.