Principle and maintenance of hemodialysis machine

- Dec 15, 2018-

Principle and maintenance of hemodialysis machine 


Dialysis refers to the process of the solution on both sides of the semipermeable membrane through dispersion, permeation and ultrafiltration, that is, the solute flows from the side with high concentration to the side with low concentration, while water molecule from the side with low osmotic pressure to one with high osmotic pressure, and eventually reaches dynamic equilibrium. Hemodialysis achieves therapeutic goals by solution dispersion and ultrafiltration between blood and dialysate. Therefore, the dialysis process is the solute diffusion and filtration process.

Maintenance use:

Hemodialysis machines are different from other commonly used electronic instruments. During the dialysis process, a slight problem in each unit will cause downtime, which will affect the normal operation of the treatment. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of the machine, it is very important to carry out strict and meticulous maintenance and regular inspection and maintenance management. Routine maintenance and maintenance of the dialysis machine should be carried out in conjunction with the machine instructions and in the shutdown state. The surface of the machine should be kept clean and free from dust, liquid marks and bloodstain. Use a damp cloth with water, clean the case with a mild detergent if necessary, disinfect the vein clips and optical sensors, and keep the blood monitoring, bubble monitoring, and air monitoring clean and bright to avoid false alarms. If there is any contamination, use a semi-wet cotton swab to scrub the probe repeatedly, then wipe it with a dry cotton swab to keep it clean and dry. Do not drop dialysate on the red and blue connector sockets of the instrument to avoid crystal formation, block the switch to bounce. If this happens, use a syringe to drop glacial acetic acid into the gap of the switch and press repeatedly until it is lubricated; once the effect is not good, repeat the number of operations above.