Precautions when operating the infusion pump

- Jun 20, 2019-

1. Set the infusion metering and infusion flow rate correctly.

2. When using the normal infusion set, ensure that the temperature is not lower than 17℃. If it is lower than 17℃, the infusion pump will give an audible and visual alarm, the indicator of the infusion set will flash and stop the infusion.

3. Wipe the infusion pump regularly and keep it clean to prevent the coagulation from affecting the flexibility of the mechanism and the corrosion of the drug to the infusion pump. When cleaning with a moist clean cloth or alcohol cotton ball, do not allow liquid to flow into the infusion pump. The bubble probe surface should be kept clean to avoid reducing sensitivity.

4. Protect the sensor. Do not touch the blocking sensor and the bubble probe with hands or instruments, so as not to affect the sensitivity and cause false alarms.

5. When the fuse is damaged, make specification change. Always unplug the power cord before replacing it.