Precautions in the use of urine analyzer

- Apr 18, 2019-

1. Keep the instrument clean and ensure the use of clean sample cup.

2. When using fresh mixed urine, the specimen should be inspected within 2 hours.

3. Different types of urine chemistry analyzers use different urine test strips. Do not open the caps that hold the test strips when the test strips change from refrigerated temperature to room temperature. After each use, the cap should be immediately closed to prevent the test strip from being damp deteriorated.

4. The time for immersing the urine sample is 2 seconds. Excessive urine specimens are sucked away by filter paper. All reagent blocks, including blank blocks, should be completely invaded into the urine.

5. The optimum temperature for the instrument should be 20-25℃ at room temperature, and the urine specimen and test strip should also be maintained within this temperature range.

6. When reporting the test results, because the results of various types of urine chemical analysis are only designed to have large differences, they can not be interpreted separately by symbol code results. It is necessary to combine the semi-quantitative values for analysis, so as to avoid inappropriate reporting method of qualitative results, bringing confusion to clinical interpretation.

7. The test strip should be stored in a dry, opaque, covered container, placed in a cool and dry place, not allowed to be placed in a refrigerator or exposed to volatile fumes.