Precautions for using medical X-ray equipment

- May 04, 2019-

Medical X-ray plays a very important role in the prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of human diseases. However, the application of X-rays has two-sidedness. When using the penetrating ability to diagnose and treat the human body, it may also cause damage to the human body. Therefore, attention must be paid to the protection problem.

1. Improve the awareness of radiation protection knowledge, laws and regulations of staff and public, achieve the purpose of active protection. At the same time, the hospital management department formulates and implements an effective radiation protection management system to further strengthen awareness.

2. Carry out acceptance inspection on the newly installed and major repaired machines, and ensure the quality.

3. Radiation workers must strictly implement the maintenance system of X-ray equipment to enable X-ray equipment to work under optimal conditions. For the machine in use, the stability test should be carried out frequently, and the maintenance should be carried out regularly, especially the various parameters should be adjusted correctly.

4. Shielding protection of medical X-ray equipment room make full use of the three elements of radiation protection (time, distance, shielding) to improve the shielding performance of the hospital X-ray equipment room as much as possible.

5. Cooperate with the monitoring agencies and the regulatory authorities to strictly monitor and prevent leakage, and eliminate the potential safety hazards of new construction, expansion, reconstruction and old computer rooms to the greatest extent.