Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer Usage Method

- Feb 13, 2019-

Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer Usage Method

1)Pouring water: Pour 3.5 liters of water into the container and be ready for use. As sterilization will consume certain amount of water, add water to the rated amount before using again, otherwise the electro-thermal tube will be damaged owing to shortage of water.

2)Piling: Put the articles to be sterilized on the sieve plate in the sterilizing drum, properly wrapped up, leaving certain space between the bundles so as to let the steam penetrate, thus guaranteeing sterilizing quality.

3)Sealing: Put the sterilizing drum into the container and then insert the hose (on the lid) into the half-round slot in the sterilizing drum. Making alignment of the lid and the bolt slot on the container and evenly tightening the wing nuts to make the lid and container closely fit each other.

4)Heating: Connect sterilizer to power AC 220V. displays the beginning of heating, and at this time air releasing valve should be opened to let cold air out. When the steam urgently jets out from the air-releasing valve, then close it. With The heating, the pointer of pressure gauge will indicate steam pressure in the sterilizer.

5)Sterilization: When steam pressure reaches the requested pressure of sterilization, begin to account the needed time of sterilization. When steam pressure rises up to 0.14MPa, safety valve starts to operate automatically so as to keep the constant pressure. If needing the pressure below 0.14MPa to sterilize, you can control the power switch (on or off) by hand to keep constant pressure when the pressure reaches the requested range.

6)Cooling: When complete the sterilization, cut off the power. Waiting for the cooling till the readings of pressure gauge returns to zero then open the air releasing valve and the lid. Donut release steam or open the lid immediately to avoid the boiling liquid to flow out the container or to exploding to injure persons.