Operation lamp Additional lighting device is a spare light backup lighting system

- Jun 21, 2018-

Operation lamp Additional lighting device is a spare light backup lighting system, it is an additional light system for Operation lamps. With the continuous advancement of technology, the equipment's endurance capability is also one of the important indicators for judging its performance. The shadowless lamp, as a special lighting fixture for the operating room, will directly endanger the patient's life if there is a power failure during the surgical operation. Therefore, it is very important to install an additional backup lighting system for the Operation lamp. In addition to protecting the need for the occasion, it can better reflect the overall strength of the hospital's medical equipment, and to a certain extent, played an external role in propaganda.

Additional lighting devices such as Operation lamps are a set of medical lighting backup power protection systems with a relatively high technical content. These types of lighting devices have been installed in more and more integrated reflective Operation lamps and led Operation lamps. There was a report that a hospital operating room had suddenly lost power because the thief had stolen the cable and caused the shadowless lamp to suddenly go out of power. Fortunately, the operation room was started immediately after the operation of the shadowless lamp attached lighting device to allow the operation to continue. From this, we can see that although the probability of sudden power outages in the operating room is negligible, once it occurs, it is particularly important how to resolve such crises in a timely and effective manner. It may be that some hospitals may say that there is no use for adding a surgical shadowless additional lighting device, but the preciousness of life is due to its non-replicability, let alone the use of troops for thousands of days, once a crisis such as this occurs, and your operating room There is no additional light device for operating Operation lamps, which is incalculable for patients and hospitals. Here, Shanghai Rihua Medical Devices Co., Ltd. wholeheartedly recommends that all hospitals attach importance to additional lighting devices for Operation lamps and use them to put budgets for medical equipment into the budget.

The auxiliary lamp for Operation lamp includes a connecting sleeve sheathed at the joint of the shadowless lamp fork tube, a power box connected to the other end of the connecting sleeve, a hose connected to the power box and provided with an electric wire, and a Electrical switch seat, lamp housing, and bulb at the end of the hose. This device neither occupies the floor space of the operating room, nor does it occupy the top space of the operating room, and does not burden the operator. When the operating room is cut off, it can still provide the lighting required for general surgery. Simple and easy to use.