Operating precautions for medical incubators

- Aug 24, 2019-

1. The mains electricity supply in China is 220V AC. Before use, please pay attention to whether the power supply voltage of the incubator is consistent with this and effectively ground it to ensure safe use.

2. The incubator does not have an explosion-proof device and must not be placed in flammable or explosive materials.

3. Don’t place articles over-extrude or over-weighted. Spaces must be left around to facilitate hot air circulation and prevent damage to the partitions.

4. During the cultivation process, the relative humidity in the box is not enough. The water tray can be placed to adjust the humidity by natural evaporation of water.

5. The water jacketed incubator keeps the water level in the tank in a suitable range. During use, avoid touching the fan with your hands or with water.

6. When using high temperature, pay attention to burns. Do not open the temperature control system when not necessary.