Notes for maintenance of sphygmomanometer

- Jan 02, 2019-

1. The maintenance of the sphygmomanometer is very important. Do not expose the sphygmomanometer to high temperature, humidity, or direct sunlight.

2. Do not wash the cuff directly with water to avoid the cuff or machine touching the water.

3. Do not use volatile liquid to clean the sphygmomanometer. When the instrument is dirty, wipe it with dry and soft cloth.

4. Do not allow the arm band to touch sharp objects. Do not attempt to stretch or over-force the arm band. Damage to the arm band can easily affect the measurement.

5. Be careful and do not let the sphygmomanometer withstand strong impact, such as dropping the sphygmomanometer to the ground (the mercury sphygmomanometer should be carefully knocked to avoid mercury leakage), which can easily damage the components and affect the normal use of the sphygmomanometer.

6. If it is not used frequently, the dry battery should be taken out. Otherwise, the battery may leak, heat, rupture and damage the sphygmomanometer. The removed dry battery should be stored. If you measure blood pressure every day, you don’t remove the battery, but pay attention to changing the battery in time when it is bad.

7. When the sphygmomanometer is faulty or damaged, do not disassemble it by yourself. Repair it at designated or professional service point.

8. After long-term use of the sphygmomanometer, the measurement accuracy needs to be verified. The manufacturer's recommended calibration interval is two years. The validity period of validation can be contacted with the manufacturer or distributor.