Maintenance of Fiber Rhinolaryngoscope

- Jul 26, 2019-

The instrument connection wire is wiped with 75% ethanol, and the fiber optic wire is prevented from being tortuous, folded or placed under heavy objects to avoid damage to the internal fibers and reduce the light transmission intensity.

The endoscope should be handled gently and should not touch hard objects and landing to avoid damage.

After the endoscope is used, it is pre-disinfected and then sent to the supply room for treatment. When disinfecting, it needs to be packaged in a specific container to avoid damage or affect the function.

In use, the instruments should be properly connected, and the switches should be turned on in order to avoid short circuit of the instrument or internal damage of the machine. After use, turn off the instrument switch and then turn off the total power to extend the life of the instrument.

The device should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, managed by a person, and the expiration date should be checked to avoid expiration and damage.

The optical lens must be handled separately, and ultrasonic, lubrication, and heat drying are prohibited. Hard internal lens should pay attention to avoid collision, scratch the mirror surface, and store it in a special box.

The cold light source should be completely cooled and stored in a cool and dry storage cabinet, and managed by a person.

Regularly inspect various instruments and instruments for rust removal maintenance.