Introduction to the Application of High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator

- Dec 20, 2018-

Since its application to the clinic in 1920, the high-frequency electrosurgical unit has undergone four generations of changes in spark plug discharge—high-power valve—high-power transistor—high-power MOS tube. With the popularization, application and development of computer technology, automatic adjustment of power waveform, voltage and current under various functions, detection of various safety indicators, and detection and indication of program control and faults have been implemented. Therefore, the safety and reliability of the device itself is greatly improved, and the operation process of the doctor is simplified.

At the same time, with the development of medical technology and clinical requirements, the compound electrosurgical equipment based on high-frequency surgical devices has also developed accordingly: high-frequency argon knife, high-frequency ultrasonic surgery system, High Frequency Electrotomy Endoscopic Therapy System, high-frequency rotary-cutting degreaser and other machine, etc., which have achieved remarkable results in the clinical field.  All kinds of special accessories for high-frequency surgical instruments derived therefrom(such as bipolar electric shear, Bipolar electrotomy mirror, Electrodes for vaporizing roller of electric cutting mirror, etc.) have also opened up a wider range of applications for clinical surgery.