Introduction of Pressure Steam Sterilizer

- Jan 04, 2019-

The pressure steam sterilizer is suitable for sterilizing surgical instruments, dressings, glassware, rubber products, foods, liquid medicines, culture media and the like in medical, scientific research, food and other units.

There are many types of pressure steam sterilizers, including portable pressure steam sterilizers (with temperature control and without temperature control), desktop pressure steam sterilizers, vertical pressure steam sterilizers (including semi-automatic And fully automatic), pulsating vacuum steam sterilizer, etc.

Daily care:

1. If the sterilizer needs to be reused after being deactivated for more than one month, check if the grounding of the sterilizer power cord is reliable.

2. Check the sealing of sealing ring frequently and replace it in time.

3. After the use is terminated every day, the water in the container is removed, and the scale on the container and the electric heating tube is cleaned, which can prolong the life and energy saving of the electric heating tube.