Introduction and working principle of automatic shoe cover machine

- Aug 09, 2019-

Automatic shoe cover machine/dispenser is a new home product aiming at the problem that  people need to change shoes when they enter the room. It can also be called shoe cover machine, full automatic shoe cover machine. It is widely used in home, factories, model houses, hospitals, dust-free workshops, automobile exhibition halls, hotels, laboratories, computer rooms, museums and other places where need take off shoes and cleaning requirements. The types are divided into semi-automatic shoe cover machines (semi-automatic also can be divided into fashion, aluminum alloy, solid wood type), micro-computer automatic intelligent shoe cover machine, just need people to step lightly into the shoe cover machine, there will be a cute shoe cover on the foot that is both hygienic and beautiful. At the same time, it is very affordable. The most important thing is that its appearance has completely relieves us of the trouble and inconvenience of taking off the door, changing shoes and lifting the overshoes too high. It also eliminates the risk of beriberi transmission caused by taking off and changing shoes. It also avoids the restraint and embarrassment caused by socks perforation or foot odor when a friend comes to the door, and is an indispensable practical necessity in daily life.

working principle:

The shoe cover is loaded into the shoe cover machine in advance, and the touch plate is stepped on by the foot, and the four ring buckles are disengaged from the column by the gear or the spring transmission, and the elastic rope is contracted, and the shoe cover is automatically put on the foot.