Infusion pump operation

- Jan 26, 2019-

1. According to the doctor's advice, prepare the liquid medicine in the treatment room, check the quality, deterioration, discoloration, turbidity, whether the bottle mouth is loose, and the effective period. Sawing after no mistake, the Andofu cotton swab is disinfected, the liquid is pumped, add the medicine and mix it according to the principle of aseptic operation. Make the name, bed number, name of the drug, and dosage on the bottle label. Please check with the second person to help the patient to take a comfortable position.
2. Adjust the infusion rate and the scheduled infusion volume according to the doctor's order (adjust by 'Select' on the infusion pump panel).
3, Tie the tourniquet, choose the blood vessels correctly, loosen the tourniquet, disinfect the skin, wait for drying, prepare the infusion paste, fasten the tourniquet, disinfect the skin again, puncture, correct fixation (same infusion Operating procedure).
4, Record the drug in the infusion pump, liquid capacity, infusion speed