Incubator application

- Jul 18, 2019-

Biochemical incubator

Biochemical incubators are widely used in culture and preservation of bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, tissue cells, water quality analysis and BOD test, and are suitable for breeding experiments, plant cultivation, etc.

Carbon dioxide incubator

The carbon dioxide incubator uses a microcontroller to precisely control the temperature of the incubator, so that the growth rate and efficiency of biological cells and tissues are improved.

Light incubator

The light incubator is a high-precision thermostat with illumination function; the light incubator is a special constant temperature culture device for the cultivation and breeding experiments of bacteria, molds and microorganisms, It is especially suitable for scientific research and production in bioengineering, medical research, agriculture and forestry science, aquatic products, animal husbandry, etc.

Microbial incubator

Microbial incubators are mainly used in environmental protection, health immunization, agricultural and livestock, drug testing, aquatic products and other scientific research, college experiments and production departments. It is a special constant temperature oscillating device for water analysis and BOD measurement of bacteria, mold, and microorganism cultivation, preservation, plant cultivation, and breeding experiments.

Plant incubator

The plant incubator is actually a light-incubating incubator with humidity, in which the conditions of light, temperature and humidity can meet the growth needs of plants. The principle of the plant incubator is several sets of lamps and a set of temperature control devices.

Humidity Chamber

The constant temperature and humidity chamber can be widely applied to sterility tests such as medicine, textile and food processing, and is widely used in research and application fields such as medical and health, bio-pharmaceutical, agricultural research and environmental protection.