How to use orthopedic traction bed

- Jul 03, 2019-

1. Remove the last third of the operating bed

2. Install the bottom cushion and the perineum support column

3. Install double knee braces and traction shoes

4. Initially determine the length of the traction rod according to the height of the patient and fix each shaft joint

5. Cooperate with the doctor to place the patient after anesthesia

A. Move the patient to the prepared traction bed

B. The hip aligned the lower edge of bed, the lower limbs are suspended on the foot traction frame

C. The knee joint is placed flat on the support bracket and fixed

D. The foot is placed in the traction boot and the laces are fastened

E. The upper limbs are placed abduction on the supporter.

F. The upper limb of the affected side is properly restrained and suspended on the chest arm