How to operate a sperm analyzer

- Mar 27, 2019-

The method of using the instrument is different due to the difference between the model and the manufacturer. The operator must undergo strict training before getting on the job to understand the work. Principles, operating procedures and calibration methods, etc., must read the instructions carefully before use. The general instrument will go through the following steps to turn on the power and turn on the computer-assisted semen analysis system.

1. Enter information to enter patient information and semen science test results.

2. Add 1 drop of liquefied semen, drop into the counting cell of the sperm counting plate, set it on the microscope operating platform, click the “activity display” menu, adjust the focal length of the microscope, and the sperm motion image of the specimen to be tested can be displayed on the display.

3. Analysis Click on the “Calculation Analysis” menu, the system enters the automatic analysis state, and the sperm segmentation image appears in the image display area and is analyzed.

4. After the analysis of the printed report is completed, the analysis results can be printed as needed.