How to maintain infusion pump

- May 11, 2019-

1. Prevent any solid particles from entering the infusion pump body, because dust or any other impurities will wear the plunger, seal ring, cylinder block and check valve, so any solid particles in the mobile phase should be removed beforehand.

2. The mobile phase should not contain any corrosive substances. The mobile phase containing the buffer should not remain in the pump, especially if the pump is stopped overnight or longer. If the mobile phase containing the buffer is left in the pump, tiny crystals of the salt may be precipitated due to evaporation or leakage, even due to the static state of the solution, and these crystals will damage the seal ring and plunger like the solid particles described above.

3. When the infusion pump is working, be careful to prevent the flowing phase in the solvent bottle from running out. Otherwise, the empty pump will also wear the plunger, seal ring or cylinder, and eventually produce leakage.

4. The working pressure of the infusion pump should not exceed the specified maximum pressure, otherwise the high pressure seal ring will be deformed and liquid leakage will occur.

5. The flow box should be degassed first to avoid air bubbles in the pump and affect the stability of the flow. If there are a lot of air bubbles, the pump will not work.