How to Define Large X-ray Machine

- Apr 27, 2019-

High-frequency inversion technology achieves high-definition images with low-dose exposure. High-power, high-kV, large mA load output meets the needs of whole-body photography, short-time transient exposure, eliminates motion artifacts, and easily captures image information. APR function achieves easy selection of photographic conditions for different anatomical parts. AEC function of ionization chamber can be selected to realize automatic control of photographic exposure.

Stable radiation output

The high-slope, low-ripple output voltage enables high-power, high-kV, short-time photography, which can effectively reduce the image blurring caused by organ motility in the body and greatly improve the image quality.

High quality X-ray

High DC component, short imaging time; high exposure accuracy, good image repeatability, with minimum dose to obtain clear clinical images and rich diagnostic information.

Effectively reduce radiation damage

The radiation line is greatly reduced, the radiation intensity of the subject and the operator is reduced, the same irradiation condition, and the skin dose is reduced by 60% compared with the power frequency machine.

Realizing Computer Control

High degree of automation, extended automatic control function, more convenient operation, strong system expansion and upgrade capability, smaller size, higher efficiency and significantly reduced ineffective radiation than traditional power frequency generator.