How to define and classify C-arm X-ray equipment

- Apr 28, 2019-

C-arm x-ray machine: As the name suggests, the device consists of C-type rack, x-ray tube, image intensifier, CCD camera and image processing workstation. It is mainly used for angiography, photography in various operations. It also differs from other x-ray equipment such as U-arm, G-arm and so on.

Small C

Main uses 1. Orthopedics: osteopathy, reduction, nailing 2, surgery: foreign body extraction, cardiac catheterization, implanted pacemaker, partial interventional therapy, partial angiography and local photography, etc. 3. Others: cooperating with ozone machine to treat pain , small needle knife treatment, gynecological fallopian tube guiding surgery.

Medium C

Definition: Peripheral interventional C-arms, commonly known as “medium C” in the industry, can be described as “medium C” not only by increasing the power of the tube. The systematic and maneuverability design of the C product is a powerful guarantee for the implementation of complex interventional procedures, mainly to add many functions related to DSA. It can clinically complete more than 80% of the surgical needs of large vascular machines (large C).

Big C

DSA is an advanced X-ray diagnostic technology for image processing by electronic computers. It is another major breakthrough in X-ray diagnostic technology after CT. It is mainly used for the diagnosis and treatment of systemic vascular diseases.