How to classify constant temperature incubators?

- Apr 03, 2019-

The constant temperature incubator is a general term for a kind of constant temperature chambers. The main role is to cultivate various microorganisms, tissues, cells and other organisms.

1. According to the heating method, it can be divided into water jacket type and electric heating membrane type.

1) The water jacket type heats the liquid inside the outer layer by heating the liquid layer, and the temperature rises slowly. However, the internal temperature can be kept constant for a long time, and the stable culture of the sample can be maintained.

2) The electrothermal film type heats the case directly by the electric heating film attached to the inner wall, so that the inside is heated, and the heating is relatively fast, and the internal temperature can be reached in a short time.

2. According to the temperature control method: it is divided into automatic constant temperature adjustment type (mechanical type) and computer intelligent control type (program control type).

1) Automatic constant temperature adjustment type temperature control device uses “metal piece”.

2) The computer intelligent control type mostly uses the microcomputer PID controller as the control unit. The thermal element acts as thermometer and digitally displays the set value and measured value, thus forming a complete control system.

3. According to the culture environment classification: divided into ordinary incubator, carbon dioxide incubator, three gas / low oxygen incubator and anaerobic incubator